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Multicart N# A5U111

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$ 72.97 USD




This GAMEBOY ADVANCE™, GBA SP™, GB MICRO™ & Nintendo DS™ compatible Multicarts is no longer produced and has been sold-out.
Please visit MULTICART CATALOG to find our in stock items.

This multigame cartridge can be played on any Game Boy Advance or GBA SP worldwide. (not for GBC)
Nintendo DS & DS Lite Compatible.

Free WorldWide Shipping

About GBA Multi Carts

Gameboy Advance / GBA SP Games

1. FIFA 2006 World Cup
4. Need For Speed: Porche Unleashed
5. Hello Kitty: HAPPY PARTY

AND 106 CLASSIC NES AND OTHER GAMES, see the back of the box for a full list of games.

Nintendo NES games on multicart

Classic NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) games that have been ported to GBA format and will play on GAMEBOY in full color and sound.

Additional Information
Have any questions about GBA Multicarts and having multiple games on one cart? Ask them here.

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Shipping and Warranty
All orders will be shipped with Registered mail and shipping is FREE to anywhere in the world. Item's are shipped within 24 hours of payment.

Shipping and Warranty

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