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Multicart N# 193XL3Y17
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£36,09 GBP / $64.97 USD

This multigame cartridge can be played on any Game Boy Advance or GBA SP worldwide. (not for GBC)
Nintendo DS Compatible.

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Gameboy Advance / GBA SP Games


and 190 NES titles, see the picture of the back of the box!

Nintendo NES games on multicart

Classic NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) games that have been ported to GBA format and will play on GAMEBOY in full color and sound.

In Dragon Ball: Advance Adventure you follow young Goku as he searches for the seven mystical dragon balls. In this side-scrolling action game, you must use your special fighting skills to defeat a host of enemies.

Dreamworks Animation scored a big hit with Madagascar, the beautifully animated and funny movie about animals busting out of a zoo only to find themselves stranded on the island of Madagascar off the coast of Africa. The game, like the movie, focuses on the tribulations of a quintet of animals. There's Alex, a lion that can double-jump and knock out enemies with his bad breath; Marty, a zebra that can run fast, crawl, hide in crates, and kick short enemies; Melman, a giraffe that can dig and bury his head in the ground while enemies walk by; Skipper, a penguin that can also crawl and hide inside of crates; and Gloria, a pig that can squash enemies and spikes, and also the only member of the crew that can swim. All of the game's 13 levels are of the typical run-and-jump sort, with the added twist of players swapping between characters on the fly in order to get past obstacles using their specific abilities.


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