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GBA Multicarts Shipping

All orders will be shipped with Registered Airmail and shipping is FREE to anywhere in the world. Item's are shipped within 24 hours of payment. Shipping takes between 6-21 days depending on Your country. Usually you receive the package within a week, but if we are low on stock and have to ship from the factory in Asia it could take a little longer. We contact all customers via e-mail as soon as the items are shipped.

GBA Multicarts Warranty

All cartridges bought at go through two quality testing procedures. First at the factory they are checked before shipping to us and second - our staff check all and every one of the multi-game packs before shipping them out to you - our customers.

In the unlikely situation that you do get a defective cartridge or your GAMEBOY™ refuses to play the cartridge we will work out a way for you to send the cartridge back and we will replace it with a new one. If that doesn't work, you return the cartridge and we will give you a full refund.

Please, do not try to open the cartridge or force it in any way as it will void your warranty and we will not be able to exchange it.


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Sample MultiCart Rom
Download a sample of a GB Advance multicart rom to preview it on your personal computer. You will need an Emulator to play roms.

Download GBA Roms

Gameboy Advance Emulator
To preview our sample multicart gba rom you need gba emulator software that you can download here. Install it and use it to open the rom images zip/gba

Download GBA Emulator

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