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How GBA MultiCarts work

How can it be possible to fit so many games on each cartridge?

The reason it is possible is because the cartridges we sell are of a massive size. These cartridges can contain more than 300M (megabits) of memory in comparison to 32M / 64M or 128M on normal GBA carts. Most likely you have noticed that lately Nintendo has started releasing 2in1 game cartridges in the USA - we are taking it just a step farther and giving you access to carts that have even more games on them but so far were available only for customers in Asia and Japan.

When you insert the MultiGame multicart into Gameboy and turn it ON you are presented with a menu listing all the games available on this cart. Select the title you would like to play and push [START] or [A] button. Gameboy will reboot and start your select game.




Play Gameboy On-Line
If your PC has JAVA installed you can play some of our game demos online with a PC-GBA emulator or download demo multicart rom for VGBA

Online GBA ROM Emulator

Gameboy Micro
Same as Nintendo DS and GBASP the latest Nintendo Mini console is also compatible with our multicarts and all games on them. See the screenshots

GB MICRO and Multicarts

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