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Gameboy Emulator

GBA Emulators for previewing GBA Roms on PC

What is a Nintendo Game Boy Emulator?

A Nintendo Gameboy emulator is a software program that is designed to allow game play on a platforms such as a personal computer Mac, PC, Linux, a modified console, etc that it was not created for. GBA emulator allows for Nintendo console games to be played on "unauthorized" hardware. The video games are obtained by downloading GBA ROMs from Internet distributors. Nintendo GBA ROMs then work with the Game Boy emulator to enable game play.

Is Emulating GBA roms legal?

YES - Despite false claims by Nintendo that emulation as such is illegal they (Nintendo Of America Ltd.) have registered a US Patent for GAMEBOY EMULATOR ( here - US Patent N# 6,672,963 ) so proving themselves wrong and making any claims about emulation being illegal have NO credibility as acquiring a patent for something that is illegal wouldn't be possible.


Emulator is needed only if you are going to play backup Gameboy Games that is GBA ROMS on PC. With multicarts you do not need it - just put the cartridge in the GBA/GBASP or Nintendo DS and play the same way you play games from any other game cartridge. Only difference you will notice is the boot menu for selecting games.

download Pokemon emulator - the best app for playing Gameboy games offline and online in web browser.

Gameboy Advance Emulator
To play the sample multicart gba rom you need gba emulator. Download and install it. Use it to open zip/gba rom images

Download GBA Emulator


Sample MultiCart Rom
Download a sample of a Game Boy Advance multicart rom to preview it on your personal computer. You will need an Emulator to play gba roms.

Download MultiCart ROM

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