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Multicart N# 208XL6Y16
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£40,77 GBP / $72.97 USD

This multigame cartridge can be played on any Game Boy Advance or GBA SP worldwide. (not for GBC)
Nintendo DS Compatible.

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Gameboy Advance / GBA SP Games

1. Dynasty Warriors
2. Kien
3. Mario 4
4. Sonic Chaos
5. Spiderman 4

and 203 NES titles, see the picture of the back of the box!

Nintendo NES games on multicart

Classic NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) games that have been ported to GBA format and will play on GAMEBOY in full color and sound.

Dynasty Warriors Advance is set during the Three Kingdoms period in Chinese history, which lasted roughly from AD 184 until AD 280. The Han dynasty ended, leaving three individual kingdoms of Wu, Wei, and Shu to spend the next century fighting for control of China. Many famous generals, such as Cao Cao, Cao Ren, Liu Bei, and Lu Xun, made their mark over the years by claiming victories in battles that literally shifted the balance to one side's favor. In Dynasty Warriors Advance, you can pick one of 13 famous generals and lead their troops through the entire era, possibly altering China's history in the process.


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