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Gameboy Multicarts FAQ

GBA Multicarts Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are all games in the multicarts in English?

A. Most all of the games are in English with the exception of some action game that have not been released in USA and do not have an english version available.

Q. Do you have a Multicart with GAME1, GAME2 and GAME3 on it?

A. To find a cartridge that has all the games you would like to see on it use search. Fore example enter: Pokemon Mario - click search and you will see a list of carts that have these to names in gametitles.


Q. Do I have to pay import TAX on these games?

A. No - you don't have to pay any taxes when the package arrives.

Q. Will these games work on my Gameboy Advance / GBA SP ?

A. Yes These games have been tested on every type of GBA/GBASP, there is no import coding on any Gameboy so these cartridges will work on any GAME BOY™ console worldwide.

Q. Do multcarts work on GB micro?

A. Yes they do - for more details see our GAMEBOY micro page.

Q. Will this work on Nintedo DS?

A. Yes - all of our cartridges and games are fully compatible with Nintendo DS (Dual- Screen) Console via NDS - GBA Media Bay.

Q. Will these games damage my gameboy ?

A. We have been selling these games for 4 years now and honestly have never had any complaints. We also play them all the time in the office and our children also use them with no problems. Multicarts are not much different from original single game cartridges only the amount of memory inside the card and the number of games on it is different.

Q. Will these games ruin my warranty/guarantee on my GBA/GBC ?

A. NO. There is no way of anyone knowing a multicart ridge has been used on your GBA/GBASP.

Q. Do the cartridges always contain the games on the front box ?

A. No, please click on the product description next to the game to see the full games listing. We do not produce the cartridges and have no control over the boxes. We do not want to mislead our customers so we have written out the full games listing for each game cartridge on the product details page.

Q. How can it be possible to fit so many games on each cartridge ?

A. The reason it is possible is because the cartridges we sell are of a massive size. These cartridges can contain more than 300M (megabits) of memory in comparison to 32M / 64M or 128M on normal GBA carts.

See multi-game section menu at - "How GBA multicarts work" page

Q. Are the games the same quality as on the single cartridges ?

A. Yes the games are of exactly the same quality and all the game functions like Link Play / Game Save act. work the same as if you had only one game on the cartridge.

Q. What are NES games ?

A. The NES stands for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It was the original Nintendo machine.

It was one of the first games only machines (or console) and needed a television. It sold millions but the games were very expensive about $30-40 (more in the UK).

The games were very addictive though and the machine was very popular in the States and Japan. Super Mario 3 and Zelda are still rightly seen as classics.

The NES games on the GBA cartridges have been ported perfectly and are in perfect color. Young Children and Retro Gamers will love playing them. Most NES games didn't have game save option in the original version - now that has been added to enhance your gaming experience.

Q. Does No Repeat mean the game only plays one time ?

A. :) No it does not. No Repeat means all the games on each cartridge are different.

For GB and GB COLOR There are many cheap bad multi cartridges available with 10 different games repeated 10 times. These games are available for $10 each and are being sold on E-bay for about $50. The seller usually only lists a few games and says it takes too long to write out all the games.

BEWARE OF THESE GAMES, the boxes usually look old and dated. We do not touch these games, we do not want a bad name.

Q. Do the games save ?

A. Yes all the games save fine.

Q. Is there a discount if I buy many games ?

A. Yes there is a discount for the purchase of 3 games or more. Please go to the contact page and E-mail us with the games you would like and we will give you a discounted price and send you another link through our payment processing company.

Q. How can I pay and is it secure ?

We do not receive or ever request any customers credit card details. Credit Card processing is done by the bank over a secure connection with you and your bank. We get an E-mail with the details of the games bought and a postal address.

Q. Can I pay through check or postal orders ?

A. Sorry due to the sensitivity of the products we cannot accept payments through mail.

Q. Why are the games so cheap when one GBA SP game in the shops is $30-$40 ?

A. We believe in giving value for money and getting repeat customers.

Q. Are These games full games or just Demos ?

A. All games are full games just like the original.

Q. Is there any shipping or sales tax ?

A. No, all our products are sent by registered airmail as small packets. There is no surcharge after the price you pay for the cartridge.

Q. Will we post to your country ?

A. We will post to any country Worldwide.

Q. Are these all the multi cartridges available ?

A. No, there are many more available. We have picked what we think is the best selection at the moment and are constantly updating our site to keep up with new games. If you would like a particular game on multicart format please E-mail us and we will try and find it for you.


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