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Multicart N# 179XL3Y13
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£36,09 GBP / $64.97 USD

This multigame cartridge can be played on any Game Boy Advance or GBA SP worldwide. (not for GBC)
Nintendo DS Compatible.

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Gameboy Advance / GBA SP Games


and 176 NES titles, see the picture of the back of the box!

Nintendo NES games on multicart

Classic NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) games that have been ported to GBA format and will play on GAMEBOY in full color and sound.

The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap - If you've been clamoring for a brand-new Zelda adventure that fits in your pocket, you can stop making a fuss now. Link's newest portable appearance, The Minish Cap, is here, and it executes the classic overhead Zelda formula with great precision and delightful whimsy. The basic gameplay is fundamentally identical to that of past games in the series, but the Zelda model is so entertaining, you can hardly call that a negative. The game is a little on the short side if you just plow through the main dungeon progression, but there's a vast array of optional side quests to undertake, and Nintendo and Capcom have also done a great job of coming up with new items and abilities for Link that fit right in with the standard Zelda structure.

Zelda: Link to the Past was one of the greatest games to be released for Nintendo's 16-bit SNES. The game brought the classic NES series up to the standards of the day, adding plenty of new gameplay elements while still maintaining the same basic feel of the original action adventure game. In keeping with the recent trend of bringing such classics to the Game Boy Advance, Nintendo has released a port of the game for its handheld system, bringing a fantastic version of A Link to the Past both to new players and those interested in playing through it one more time. Additionally, a new multiplayer game, called The Four Swords, has been added for link-game players. Four Swords puts an equal emphasis on cooperation and competition. You'll find a lot of blocks and boulders that require all players to help with the pushing and lifting, but you'll also be able to pick up one of the other Links and throw him out of your way, if you're so inclined. The game has a handful of boss fights in it as well, and those also benefit from a cooperative spirit. The dungeons scale depending on the number of players, so the game is equally playable by two or four players. Each player is required to have his or her own copy of the cartridge, though. As you progress in A Link to the Past, you'll unlock additional features in The Four Swords--one such upgrade gives you the master sword's firepower in the multiplayer game. If you're surrounded by GBA owners, then The Four Swords is a fantastic addition to an already spectacular package.



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