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Gameboy Cartridge Read Only Memory - GBA Games

Original Gameboy™ cartridges store games in Read Only Memory so GBA ROM is the type of chip used in Nintendo's video game cartridge which contains the game software. However many gaming sites on the Internet commonly use this term to refer to game data that has been copied backuped from an authentic Nintendo Gameboy Advance / GBA SP video game cartridge. It has to be noted that backuping is not the only way you can obtain a gba rom image. It is possible to make homebrew games and software using PC or port classic video games from other consoles so creating a gba rom file.

You can legally download from the internet Freeware and Public Domain (PD) ROMS that are not made by NINTENDO or its partners. In most cases they are made as freeware, shareware or demos and legalized for free use by their authors. It is 100% legal for people to play such roms on emulators or gba flash cards.



Sample MultiCart Rom
Download a sample of a Game Boy Advance multicart rom to preview it on your personal computer. You will need an Emulator to play gba roms.

Download MultiCart ROM

Gameboy Advance Emulator
To preview our sample multicart gba rom you need gba emulator software that you can download here. Install it and use it to open the rom images zip/gba

Download GBA Emulator

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