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Gameboy Micro ™

GBA Multicarts are 100% GAMEBOY MICRO compatible.

One of the  frequently asked questions we get from new customers is "Will these games work on my GAMEBOY micro™ and GBA SP™ ?"

The answer is Yes. All multicarts have been tested to be GBA / GBA SP / GB micro compatible. They will also work on GameCube GAMEBOY PLAYER and the new NINTENDO DS console. Also all gameboy cartridges are Region free so you can play these games on any GAME BOY™ worldwide no matter where you bought your handheld console.

So how exactly does a multicart works on GB micro - see the screenshots:

game boy micro multicarts

You put the multicart into the gba game cartridge slot as you would do with any GAME BOY cartridge.

gameboy micro cartridge

Unlike some GBA Flash Card multicarts are the exact same size as regular single game and 2in1 game cartridges so it fits in perfectly.

select zelda minish cup

When you turn ON Gameboy Micro you see game selection menu. Use [UP] or [DOWN] to select the game and push [START] to play the game.

play zelda minish cup

From there on the game will play the same as it would from a single game cartridge with all the features like Saving, Multiplayer etc.

bomberman micro

In the menu - if you more the cursor over a NES game it will show a preview of that title. (this option is not available for GBA titles)

donkey kong nes rom

If you look closely in Classic NES games you will notice that the screen is scaled to fit full screen of GAMEBOY. If played on TV mario would be a little bit taller. You can turn the scaling off by going into the options menu, but than you would not see the top and bottom part of the screen.

pocketnes menu

To enter the options menu (ONLY available in NES games) you have to simultaneously press [L] and [R] buttons.

More Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will this work on Nintendo DS?

A. Yes - all of our cartridges and games are fully compatible with Nintendo DS (Dual- Screen) Console via NDS - GBA Media Bay.

Q. How can it be possible to fit so many games on each cartridge ?

A. The reason it is possible is because the cartridges we sell are of a massive size. These cartridges can contain more than 300M (megabits) of memory in comparison to 32M / 64M or 128M on normal GBA carts.

See multi-game section menu at - "How GBA multicarts work" page

Q. Are the games the same quality as on the single cartridges ?

A. Yes the games are of exactly the same quality and all the game functions like Link Play / Game Save act. work the same as if you had only one game on the cartridge.

Q. What are NES games ?

A. The NES stands for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It was the original Nintendo machine.

It was one of the first games only machines (or console) and needed a television. It sold millions but the games were very expensive about $30-40 (more in the UK).

The games were very addictive though and the machine was very popular in the States and Japan. Super Mario 3 and Zelda are still rightly seen as classics.

The NES games on the GBA cartridges have been ported perfectly and are in perfect color. Young Children and Retro Gamers will love playing them. Most NES games didn't have game save option in the original version - now that has been added to enhance your gaming experience.

Q. Are These games full games or just Demos ?

A. All games are full games just like the original.


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At GBMC we sell GBA games that can be played on DS Lite but you can also order custom NDS multicarts with the DS games!

If You are looking for DS LITE multicarts with Nintendo DS GAMES on them go to go NDS . Build your own custom DS cart selecting the games that you want - we burn them onto a DS Multi-Cart and ship it to you...

Nintendo DS Multicart Games

Nintendo DS Multicarts

- Price of the DS multi-cart is fixed and does not depend on the number of games you choose however you are limited by the DS memory blocks you can use (110).

- most games are around 4 DS Memory Blocks big so you can fit around 25 full Nintendo DS Games on one NDS multicart. Smallest games are 1 MBlock big so in theory you can have a cart with 110 games!

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